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 Sundays 11am to 12pm (August to November)

(8:1) $25 per session 

This class is designed for high school and collegiate football players that are currently playing football. Football players that stop training in-season can potentially lose 20 to 25 percent of the strength he gained during off-season training. This can mean an increased risk of injury as well as loss of speed, power and stamina. 


FASST will continue to strengthen the most commonly injured areas of a football player...the knees, ankles and shoulders as well as use tempo-control, isolateral exercises, mobility drills, and soft tissue modalities and training the central nervous system.  



(10:1) June & July 

This program will provide each football player with the best preparation possible for the upcoming season. We will work on strength, speed, agility, explosiveness, power, quickness, conditioning, core, flexibility, mobility, sport-specific and overall mental toughness. This is specific to the offensive player particularly, wide receivers, tight ends/slot receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs. This program is offered in June and July. Includes strength coach, speed coach and skill coach. 

  • Stronger and more explosive 

  • Techniques to decrease injuries 

  • Overall skill development to MAKE PLAYS

  • Improve speed and quickness 

  • Conditioning to walk into summer practice ready to go 

  • Football knowledge and understanding 

  • Training with high intensity with other high level players 

  • Learning to be COMFORTABLE when you're UNCOMFORTABLE 

  • Train like a FASST athlete 

Monday thru Friday 7am to 9am $215 monthly 

(10:1) January to March 

Ages 9 to 18

FASST Football School is a program designed for middle school and high school athletes that are looking to improve their game. FASST will include 1 on 1 skill development, technique, coordination, 7 on 7 group work, individual position work, football classroom, speed development, general combine tips, strength, explosiveness, mental toughness and ball skills. Skill position coaches are provided for skill position players. Your athlete will come out of this program with higher football IQ and better prepared for next season. No evaluation is necessary for this program but it is always recommended that all athletes schedule an evaluation prior to any training. 



$400 up front for 3 months 

$150 Monthly 

(10:1) March - May 

Combine Prep is for athletes preparing for Rivals Combines or football camps this summer where they want to perform at a high level. FASST will prep your athlete for the 40 yard dash, 5-10-5 COD, 3 Cone L-Drill, Broad Jump, and Vertical Jump. This is only open to high school athletes and college athletes that are serious about preparing for combine. FASST will also provide MOCK COMBINES throughout the training to mimic actual combine setting to enhance your performance when you are not being coached. 

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Combine Prep

Football School 

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