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The FASST Evaluation is required of each athlete prior to all training and is a one-time fee of $65. FASST conducts a full assessment of muscle, joint and movement patterns of the athlete. This process takes about an hour and we require parents to be present during the assessment and athletes to wear sports clothes. Performance tests will be performed before and after the training block to measure improvements. Performance will make a recommendations regarding training based of of athletes goals and evaluation results. If an athlete is absent from FASST for more than 6 months then a new evaluation will be needed at which the $65 fee will apply again.  


13- Athlete Membership 

14+ Athlete Membership 

FASST Athlete Memberships is great for all athletes boys and girls between the ages 9 to 13 and 14 to college. What makes this program great and unique is that it will provide a combination of 1 hour of strength training and 1 hour of speed training. These program will be ran by FASST Sports Performance Coaches who will provide the guidance and supervision needed for good energy, proper form, safety, development and structure. The other advantage of this program is that it offers flexibility for all athletes with busy schedules. This combination will allow each athlete consistent attendance to maximize training goals and time! Athletes will follow an individualized strength program based off of their evaluation and will work through phases of the strength program. It is the athlete's responsibility to let trainers know if they have an important event coming up such as a track meet, baseball game they are pitching in, that they trainer may be able to taper them as necessary. 

  • Coordination and balance (motor skills/neuromuscular efficiency)

  • Overall speed development (linear, lateral, backward-multi, forward-multi, agility, etc)

  • Plyometrics 

  • Increase strength and power 

  • Learn proper lifting form and technique for safety 

  • Flexibility 

  • Confidence 

  • Weight room etiquette and safety (age appropriate)

  • Improve overall conditioning and endurance 

  • Increase athletics performance 

  • Providing several days/times to train 

Athletes will be responsible for signing up for the sessions they will be attending in advance once the memberships is setup. Only 12 athletes per session. 

1 year membership: $185 (can freeze for up to 3 months) monthly

6 month membership: $200 (can freeze for up to 3 months) monthly

3 month membership: $215 monthly

1 month membership: $300 monthly

SUMMER HOURS: June 11th - August 11th 

Monday thru Thursday 10am to 12pm 

Monday thru Thursday 4pm to 8pm 

Friday 5pm to 7pm  

Sunday 1pm to 3pm 

Once purchase is made you must sign your athlete in to each hour they are training on the mind-body site. Only 12 athletes per class. 


13- Small Group $25 per session 

14+ Small Group $30 per session

Designed to introduce youth athletes to more efficient and effective athletic movements. Emphasizing on strength, flexibility, quickness and running mechanics. Athletes will be able to master techniques in a small group setting that will improve their movement, speed, agility and strength. 

Program Includes: 

  • ​Strength Training (age appropriate) 

  • Core Strength 

  • Speed Training (all directions) 

  • Plyometrics (jumping and landing technique) 

  • Balance/Coordination

  • Flexibility 

  • Injury Prevention 


13-  Private Training $50 per 1 hour session

14+ Private Training $60 per 1 hour session

Available on a limited basis. This type of training provides more individualized attention to the athlete but still focuses on the same speed and agility technique provided in small group and membership training. However, this training can be beneficial for the novice athlete that requires more attention or the more serious athlete that requests a more sport-specific style of training with specific goals that need to be met within certain a time frame. 


(10:2) All ages 

Rate: FREE for current FASST Athletes/ $25 for athletes no currently training with FASST. 

* *Current FASST athletes must be ACTIVELY training**

FASST Baseline testing/retesting will include the 20 yard sprint and 40 yard sprint (if applicable), the 5-10-5 Pro-Agility, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 4 Cone Drill, and Shark Skills Test. The goal of this program is to track the progress of current FASST athletes while giving new athletes the opportunity to be testing for baseline numbers and be evaluated by our sports performance coaches. Athletes not currently training with FASST will receive a follow-up email with test results and recommendations. All athletes must register 24 hours prior to testing times. 

Testing will occur 2x per month on Saturdays between 9am and 11am. 


(currently  unavailable)

This class is for young people that are just looking to get in shape and build confidence. This class is not necessarily for anyone that plays a sport, it is for all young people looking for guidance in creating a healthier lifestyle. This class is schedule on a needed basis with a minimum of 5 participants. It will include a variety of cardio, improved flexibility, plyometrics, strength training, motor skills, balance, etc. They will have fun and learn a lot about how to take care of their bodies. 

2x per week, $100 monthly

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