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Naval Academy Pitcher, Trey Braithwaite, Winter Break Workout

This past winter Navy standout pitcher Trey Braithwaite was home and contacted me to work on improving his lower body explosiveness to enhance his velocity. Over the 3 weeks he was home, we put together a mesocycle program that included 2 days a week of dynamic strength training, along with plyo’s and trunk stabilization to address the issue.

Over the next 3 days I would like to share with you some videos of the exercises and movements we worked on over that period of time.

Due to the fact that Trey had already built up a foundation of strength and weight room experience, it allowed me to be pretty aggressive in my planning.

As a coach my first thought was that I needed to build up Trey’s ability to create and produce more force. Meaning, if Trey could generate more energy from his legs to come up through his body, this would allow him to generate more power and in turn throw harder.

This is science; how the body applies force particularly relates to Newtown’s third law: for every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction. In order for our bodies to move, either upwards or horizontally, we need to apply some type of external force to the ground and then move as a result of the equal and opposite reaction force.

Day one videos:

Dynamic SSB Box Squats 12x2 with 60 seconds rest in between each set

•  Great for lower body explosiveness, focus on moving the weight controlled but with speed.

•  Using the safety bar to protect the positioning of his shouldersy

•  Using bands (accommodating resistance) to create more or a dynamic eccentric load. Along with explosiveness and helping complete each rep at end range. 

•  The box is used for control at the bottom the lift and improving reversal strength (almost like starting strength) of the concentric phase. 

•  Also the 12 sets of 2 focus on strength, speed and quality. 2 effective reps is way better then 10 bad ones. It’s all about what transfers. Bad form only creates more problems. Form follows function!

SA Reverse Hyper Banded Resisted Mid Rows 3x5es Tempo X13 (go heavy)

•  Great exercise for strengthening all the muscles involved in decelerating a baseball pitchers arm once the ball is released, such as ex.. rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis). Train muscles not movements.

•  As you see he can go extremely heavy here to place heavy tension on the movement. As he pulls the weights, the heavy weights want to automatically pull his arm forward right away. So he has to engage all of his posterior muscles involved to prevent his arm from pulling forward too quickly.

•  In doing this exercise he his building his posterior strength along with improving neural efficiency when he goes back to pitching full speed.

•  By adding the longer band and using the reverse hyper it allows him to utilize much more weight along with challenging his control and stability.

SA FWD Sled Walks (3x20yds ew) use weight you can control and not guard

•  Focus is on anti-trunk rotation. Need to control the trunk, especially while in a high speed movement such as pitching.

•  Makes you engage the opposite side of your trunk while moving forward.

•  Great exercise to vary the weight.

•  The arm positioning focuses on full scap retraction while walking.

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