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Part 3 of Trey Braithwaite's Winter Break Training

Here is the final series of Trey Braithwaite's Winter Break Training. This last group of exercises were chosen in order to work on Trey's ability to absorb more force and re-direct it through progressive plyometrics. You will see in the first video that our primary focus was landing and stabilization through a depth drop. We then progressed the depth drop with a vertical plyo. Lastly I have Trey hop over a hurdle to produce more horizontal explosiveness, that simulates the pitching motion.

SL Box Plyo Progression Series (Pause, w/vertical plyo and w/ horizontal plyo) 1x5, 1x5

and 1x3

  • First we focus on just absorbing the extra force being placed from dropping from the box

  • Next we focus on absorbing the ground and working on redirection of the force (straight up into a vertical jump). This helps with improving the capability of his muscle contraction that takes place (eccentric, isometric and concentric).

  • Once the new force production is in place, we want to add horizontal force.

  • Once he completes each one of those he now builds up to add a more aggressive horizontal force.

SL Hop over Hurdle to Horizontal Force 2x5

  • This is putting it all together. Trey has to absorb, accept and redirect his force as fast as possible. The goal here is not to replicate his pitching movement, but to help him produce more force and muscle recruitment when he goes back to his pitching.

  • Creating more power and explosiveness.

  • If he doesn’t have the proper foot and ankle stability it can start to effect how the force and energy is transmitted up through his body. The foot absorption and isometric movements help build the foundation.

  • It's all about creating energy and force needed to come up through the kinetic chain for maximum explosiveness. Wherever there is a leak, there is a issue.

I hope you guys enjoyed this series and the content was beneficial. Please be on the lookout for more sports specialization videos coming soon. DON'T JUST BE AN ATHLETE, BE A FASST ATHLETE.

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