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Part Two of Trey Braithwaite's Lower/Upper Body Explosiveness Program to Improve Throwing Velocity.

Hey guys, I hope that you were able to watch the first three videos of Trey's winter break workout. Today I am going to share with you the next group of exercise we worked on while he was home. 

Day Two Videos:

SA Rev Lunges 3x8es Tempo 121 (try to go pretty heavy)

  • Great Unilateral movement (sports are played on one leg at a time)

  • Trains balance and core stability 

  • Balances out equal strength in both legs

  • Good for identifying asymmetry’s 

SA MB Push ups w/Shoulder tap 3x5es (focus on stability)

  • Good upper body strength exercise 

  • Focus on Shoulder stability and integrity, which great for performance and health. 

Resisted Pull-Ups

  • Bands are used to provide more resistance. 

  • Pull-ups are utilized to improve lat strength and overall upper body strength. 

  • Utilize light bands to not affect the movement quality, too much tension causes bad form.

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