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Tips for Coming Out of the Blocks as a Sprinter

1.Power leg is front leg in the blocks

2.Hand placement under shoulders and on finger tip pads (hands are not flat)

3.Chin tucked into chest

4.Deep breath on the “set” exhale hard on the gun

5.Load the arm next to the front leg, less load on the opposite arm

6.Arm Speed is VITAL – 1 arm whips forward as the other whips backward aggressively at the same time (arms and legs must be synchronized – arms will always

precede the legs slightly)

7.Establish the power line (refer to photo) ankle, hip and shoulder all in alignment

8.Don’t drive out too low and compromise your first step (refer to shin angle in photo)

9.Keep chin tucked through acceleration phase (8-10yds)

10.Apply as much force into the ground as possible in those 8-10 yards (this will come from the weight room)

Apply these tips and practice them over and over, this is a skill. Have someone record you at practice so that you can improve. Be mindful there can be a lot of breakdowns in your start that you may not be aware of and that’s why video is always valuable. Don’t get frustrated, this will take time! Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

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