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Trunk & Spine Stability

Hey Guys its Coach Frisby, I want to touch on the functions and the importance of the trunk and spine. Whether you are an athlete or not, you should be training your trunk to help you move better. 

First let’s break it down, when I say trunk I am referring to the base of your neck down to your hips. The trunk has lateral flexion, extension and rotational movement both ways. In many sports and daily activities, our trunk becomes fatigued and starts to compromise other joints throughout the body; examples being anterior pelvic tilt, upper cross syndrome, and slouching in the back. We know that many of us are weak in our spine, which leads to weakness in a lot of other areas of our body. I wanted to share with you a quick way to train your trunk with just a band and a partner. 

Here in the video, we start off by sitting down with our legs close together so you cannot use the lower body to assist in bracing during the movement and rely only on the trunk. Then we take a band and place it around the lower part of the torso. (don’t want to put force across the rib cage). Now your partner will start to provide external force in the different directions that is appropriate for a specific period of time to start to improve neural control and stability. Key tip is to make sure that you maintain trunk stability the whole time, if you start to see yourself over compensating, then back off the tension. The control is the most important part of this exercise. For the best results, I recommend holding each movement for 20 seconds for 2 sets. Repeat two times a week to start developing a better posture.

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