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What it's like training your own kids!

Today I wanted to share with you what it's like coaching my own children, DJ (23) and Devanee (8). Coaching your children has its ups and downs however there is also a great reward in the experience.

One of the best and worst parts about this experience is that they are my children. I say that it's the best because I get to share my passion with my children and I know them so well that I can always tell when they are uncomfortable or starting to break down. On the other hand, they aren't afraid to give me attitude! They may feel pressured because I am their dad or the other athletes may begin to think they are being favored. Even though there are some potential negatives, to me the positives will always outweigh them. I have full responsibility for their athletic development and am able to get the most out of them, as they both respond to my coaching very well. Above all my favorite part about coaching my children is that I get to spend time with them, while sharing their fitness/athletic journey, and educating them about what I love.

When trying to decide whether you are the person to help your children follow their dreams you need to first make sure you feel confident as a parent in doing so. This experience is about sharing your kid's goals and aspirations, which can be very emotional. There will always be good and bad days! My advice to parents who are coaching their kids is to always make sure you have their best interest at heart, and you are comfortable in playing the roll of coach. Make sure to always hold them accountable, and not allow them to goof around and get nothing from their training, just because he/she is your kid. The biggest and most important advice I have is that they ARE YOUR KIDS FIRST and make sure that there is a separation between work and home. And never take your work home!

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