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Year 'Round 

Our track and field strength program puts an emphasis on injury prevention, explosive power, and overall strength development. The athletes  training is a part of our membership program with track and field techniques on Sundays and Tuesdays and individualized strength training available up to 5 days per week. . 


Strength and power will be built upon compound core exercises along with progression-based plyometrics. Each individual athlete will be given specific corrective exercises based off of their weaknesses and events. 


Cross Country: 

The cross country program is designed to help reduce injuries, increase running economy and help the athletes remain durable and strong throughout the season. Strength training for cross country athletes has often been neglected due to fear of athletes becoming too big or bulky but if done appropriately strength training can keep the athlete healthier and possible be what's missing to take their performance to the next level. 

Dryland Swim Strength Training 

This program is progression-based and will be based off of the swimmers peak periods of swim season. Athletes will build foundational strength focusing on basic mobility along with core and total body stability and strength. Depending on the part of the season the athlete is in, FASST will work to build explosive strength and power and prepare the athlete as best as physically possible for the upcoming season. In-season, FASST will help to continue to maintain strength. Our goal is to keep them healthy and in the pool as well as tapering them for their most important meets. 

Monthly Membership Rates

1 Month $150 monthly

3 Month $130 monthly

6 Month/1 Year $120 monthly

Days/Times: Swimmers are on a 3 day strength training split and recommended to participate at least 2x per week and maximum 3x per week. 

Monday/Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm 

Thursday 6:30pm to 7:30pm 

Friday 6:30pm to 7:30pm 

Saturday 12pm to 1pm 

**Swimmers are required to purchase a membership and sign in to classes they will be attending. If only 1 or less swimmers sign in to a class then that class will be cancelled. Minimum 2 swimmers must be signed in for class to take place. Sign-in must be done at least 2 hours prior to the start of class. 



(June/July- HS/College Preseason)

This training provides summer programing for the high school and collegiate volleyball players looking to take their game to the next level. FASST will implement strength program along with speed, plyometrics, explosiveness, and agility. 

  • Stronger and more explosive 

  • Techniques to decrease injury prevention 

  • Improve timing on approaches and defense 

  • Training in a very high intense environment with other skilled players

  • Overall skill development to perform at a high level next season 

  • Learn how to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable 

  • Train like a FASST athlete 

Monday thru Friday 7am to 9am 

$215 monthly 


Sundays 11am to 12pm (August to November)

This class is designed for high school and collegiate volleyball players that are currently playing. Volleyball players that stop training in-season can potentially lose 20 to 25 percent of the strength he gained during off-season training. This can mean an increased risk of injury as well as loss of speed, power and stamina. 


FASST will continue to strengthen the most commonly injured areas of a volleyball player...the knees, ankles and shoulders as well as use tempo-control, isolateral exercises, mobility drills, and soft tissue modalities and training the central nervous system.  

Sundays 11am

$25 per session


(8:1) Ages 11 to 14 (June/July Summer Program)

(8:1) Ages 11 to 14 (August to December- PREP) 

This program is for middle school volleyball players that are looking to take their game to a new level. FASST will work with these athletes on the foundational stages of strength training with a progression-based program and some circuit training to work on endurance. Athletes will acquire speed training in all directions to develop better mobility on the court and train muscles to be explosive. FASST will also work on developing power and explosiveness thru jumping and landing techniques as well as injury prevention. Training will incorporate volleyball skill training and skill-position coaches will be incorporated into some training sessions. The goal of this program is to develop athleticism in each participant to keep them health, on the court, performing well and prepare them for the high school level of volleyball. 


Monday & Wednesday 4pm to 5:30pm 

$150 monthly 

August to December

Sunday 11am to 12pm & Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:30pm 

$25 per session or $150 monthly 


(8:1) May - October Ages: High School & College Athletes 

This program is designed to get high school basketball players stronger with a progressive based and individualized strength training program for lower body explosiveness and strong upper body strength and mobility as well as core strengthening. Athletes will provide food logs to trainers to help make the greatest gains possible and meet or exceed the athletes goals. Each athlete will have progression sheets of each aspect, overall periodization plan and attendance training log, plyometrics, speed, core and weekly weight room sheets. Evaluations will determine corrective exercise recommendations. 

4pm to 6pm 


$200 monthly 


(8-10:1) November - January 

This pre-season program is three months long and includes both strength and speed training. The strength program will focus on the "overhead" athlete periodized in a way that will first focus on foundational strength, month 2 will reach maximum strength and the final month leading up to the season we put a greater emphasis on power development. The speed training will but focus on decreasing the 60 feet/ 90 feet times and increase overall speed, agility and base running capabilities. The combination of speed and strength training in this program will lead out athletes right into the season as physically prepared as possible.  


(10:1) January - Mid-February

High School Soccer Prep consists of strength, speed, and soccer-specific training 6 weeks prior to the start of soccer season. FASST sport coaches prepare strength training and speed training specific to the soccer player. FASST will provide soccer coaches to directly apply training techniques to the athlete as well as work on game situations. 


(10:1) Mid-February - Mid-March Ages 11 to 14

Program is offered 2 days per week. Athletes receive 1 hour of FASST Speed and Strength Training and 1 hour of Soccer Skill Training. This is for boys and girls and will run for 4 weeks, 2 days per week. Athletes will compete with each other and learn and apply running mechanics, plyometrics to become more explosive, injury prevention techniques when planting and changing direction, breakaway speed, as well as foundational strength training, flexibility and mobility to maintain better body control at high speeds. 

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