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Ages 14 & Up Male/Female Athletes
4 weeks/ 2x per week- $120 per month ($15 discount per session)

This class will focus on more compound strength exercises which is ideal for greater strength increases. Compound exercises use multiple muscles in unison with each other to perform a certain task. The primary focus of this course will be learning and practicing Olympic lifts such as the snatch, clean and jerk, and related exercises. These lifts will be studied in detail with progressions while building the strength and flexibility necessary for proper performance. Additional topics will be determined based on the interest of the class. Possible topics may include: advanced programming for strength training, training myths, functional training, circuit training, training for sport performance, advanced muscle-building strategies, etc….

FASST will require an evaluation to participate in this class if you do not currently or have ever trained with FASST. (only 6 per class- Male/Female)

As a result of this class the athlete should be able to:
1) Understand how to incorporate strength training as a life-long activity.
2) Learn advanced concepts of strength training using different types of resistance formats.
3) Learn the muscles used in individual lifts, names, locations and functions.
4) Learn proper technique of advanced strength exercises.
5) Design programs to improve his/her fitness level.
6) Understand the methods of objectivity evaluating lifting programs and for measuring strength, muscular endurance and power (ex. tempo, load change, etc).
7) Acquire basic knowledge of nutrition.

– Appropriate clothing while weight training and safety hazards
– Weight training technique; safety and etiquette
– Program design based upon goals
– Stretching & flexibility
– Neuromuscular and motor skill control
– Muscular structure and function
– Free weights vs. Machines
– Olympic style lifts

Date and times will be determine

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