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James Frisby is the founder of FASST Sports Performance Training Program in Winchester, Va. FASST was founded to impact the youth in our community through speed, agility, strength, and conditioning along with confidence, character building, and mental toughness. James brings with him over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.


  • NASM, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

  • NASM, PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)

  • NASM, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

  • NASM, YES (Youth Exercise Specialist)

James has been fortunate to train some of the top high school, collegiate and professional athletes in the VA/DC Metro area. He really enjoys helping athletes excel, not just in sports, but also as a driving force in life.

The need for speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, quickness, body control, and reaction all contribute to an athlete’s success. FASST Training programs have increased the emphasis on improving playing speed and utilizing speed in all sport movements. This includes starting, stopping, cutting, accelerating, changing direction, delivering or avoiding a blow, sprinting, and split-second decision making during sports competition.

James’ goal is to provide young athletes with the best opportunity to excel and enhance their skill and ability to perform and compete at any level. He is devoted to teach kids ways of reaching their peak potential and believes athletes can improve in all areas. Although genetics is important, heredity only deals the cards; environment and hard training play the hand.


Mike Scimanico is from Dumont, New Jersey and is a Shenandoah University graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice and minor in mathematics. Mike was a standout pitcher for the Shenandoah University baseball team earning 2016 D3 baseball 2nd team All-American, 3-time All-ODAC Selection, 3rd in career strikeouts, 1st in single season strikeouts, 2016 team captain, and spent 7 weeks as #1 team in the country with SU. Mike currently works as a pitching coach for the Shenandoah Hornets baseball team and plays professionally for the Pecos and has played with 5 current MLB players. 


Mike has studied pitching and the driveline program that he has brought to our community. He understand body mechanics, the kinetic chain, injury prevention, how to improve velocity and pitching design. His goal for this program is to get kids better and put them in a situation to play at the highest level and compete with success at whatever level that is for them. 



Matt is a graduate of Old Dominion University, with a degree in sport management. His experience ranges from coaching to instructing to mentoring baseball and softball athletes ages 5 to 18 years old. As a head coach of youth teams and 5 years of coaching varsity high school baseball, he has been able to strengthen and train successful baseball programs and student- athletes. The launch of his coaching career began in the southeastern region of Virginia and migrated into Eastern Pennsylvania but currently resides in Winchester, Virginia. His ambition as an instructor is to develop a 5-tool player and become a positive role model across the diamond for youth athletes.

Matt went on to play shortstop for four seasons with the Virginia Indians, where in his 2014 season, was titled Defensive Player of the Year for the Hampton Roads National Baseball Association. His background consists of being an athlete, full-time baseball instructor and head baseball coach of the southeastern region Virginia & Eastern Pennsylvania Varsity baseball programs. There is one philosophy he stands by, "The only thing that changes on game day is the weather, the opposing team & diet. Baseball is Baseball. That doesn't change."