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PK Kier

Winchester, VA

"I'm a firm believer that God gifts us with talents and how we use those talents is our gift back to God. I'm thankful that FASST is here to help develop and cultivate those God-given talents of not only my own son, but all of its particpants. James devotes a great deal of his time to the kids of FASST and I'm sure if he would have been able to see the smile on PK's face at the National Underclassman Combine in Alexandria, VA where he improved his 40 time and received compliments from the coaches about his form and would be his confirmation that GOD has him in the right place and he has been gifted with bringing the best out of athletes." 

~Pede Kier


PK Kier- Millbrook HS 2017 

UVA Football 2021


Mekhi Hendricks

Strasburg, VA

My son has been going to FASST on and off for the past 2 years. he wanted to improve his overall athleticism. Most recently, he and a basketball teammate committed to a 12 week training program to help with their jumping ability and explosiveness to the rim. At the start of the 12 week program neither could dunk the ball. This week was week 12 of the program and as LBJ would say "I am a witness". The boys were dunking the ball consistently like crazy. After going to FASST he feels faster, quicker and more explosive while playing. He said the best part of his experience is you can see immediate results. james pushes you hard but he also meks it fun to train. 

~Kacy Hendricks 

Katie Houser

Winchester, VA

"Since training with FASST I have increased my jump-touch over 10 inches and my power clean from 80lbs to 115lbs. FASST has taught me proper strength training and improved my overall fitness and coordination. FASST has given me the skill to be an elite athlete both mentally and physically."

~ Katie Houser, James Wood HS 2015

University of Georgia, Volleyball 2019

McKenna Newcome

Capon Bridge, WV

McKenna has been training at FASST since November 2015. We were initially interested in an off-season workout to maintain her speed and agility; however she has gained so much more. McKenna has acutely improved her running form-- specifically her explosiveness on take offs. She has been learning about muscles and how they impact her form, strength, and movements. FASST focuses on education and training, especially with core and balance work. Injury prevention education and training are also very important in her building block training. James, Angela, Justin and staff continue to amaze us with their individualized attention to McKenna's strengths and weaknesses. They are passionately positive role models and support her in whatever activitiy she is doing both inside the FASST facility and beyond. McKenna often asks us to text or snap James with an update to share in her excitement and love for training and sports. 

Mike and Amy Newcome 

McKenna Newcome, Soccer, Age 10 

Carly Nixon

Stephens City, VA

"Thank you for all you have done for Carly mentally and physically. FASST is a very special program."

~ Teresa Nixon 

Carly Nixon, Sherando HS 2015, Potomac State Softball, 2017

George Cornwell V

Charles Town, WV

"George did a fantastic job with his tryout. He looked amazing, relazed, great posture and form. His footwork, hands, and head turn were spot on while running routes and drills. Even his speed for the shuttles and 40yd were in the top three of his group. I felt like the coaches kept doing extra drills just so they could watch him. Thank you! 

~ Debra Cornwell 

Geroge Cornwell VII, 

Reid Entsminger

Stephens City, VA

James was able to take my 40 time from a 4.8 last fall (2015) to a 4.61 to my most recent time this summer of a 4.54. FASST teaches speed techniques that I have never experienced before, but it works. James and Angela are constantly educating themselves with new techniques in speed and agility. I will continue to work with FASST throughout my collegiate career. 

Ashley Humphrey

Winchester, VA

"FASST has helped me reach goals that I never thought were possible. Coach Frisby helped me gain confidence and take my athletic ability to the next level. Training with FASST was one of the best decisions I ever made!"

~Ashley Humphrey- Millbrook HS 2015

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Volleyball 2019

Brittany Whitacre

Winchester, VA

"We are really pleased with Brittany's progress after working with James Frisby. James' program, which includes strength, speed, and agility training, is very well-balanced for athletes. James tailors his program for specific sports, which provides quicker results. James helped make our daughter the athlete she is today."

~James & Teresa Whitacre 

Brittany Whitacra- Millbrook HS 2013

Shippensburg Unviersity, Volleyball 2017 

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