FASST Sports Performance Training

FASST Sports Performance Training was established in 2013 in Winchester, Virginia by owner and operator James Frisby. FASST is a program designed to enhance and improve every aspect of an athlete's performance on all levels. FASST is effective for youth because it helps develop a young athlete's neuromuscular movement patterns, which will improve overall performance combined with skill development. We specialize in sport-specific strength training and improving the ability of athletes to react quicker with bursts of explosive speed and power, which is an asset for any sport. 


To provide a program that will enhance and improve every aspect of an athlete's performance on all levels. 


To help build a community where young athletes and people of all ages seek to be a part of a place where they can acquire the skills and education to reach their dreams and personal fitness goals. 

FASST has trained hundreds of athletes throughout VA, WV, MD, and PA. WHY DOES IT WORK...? Because strength, speed, and agility are skills. FASST techniques and concepts give our athletes proven results. 

Where THE ELITE Athletes are DEVELOPED. 


1117 Berryville Avenue, Winchester, VA 22601

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